SERYBOX Seryburn Oasis 28 Sticks(4 weeks supply)

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A daily dietary supplement to promote weight loss and has a low calorie (35 kcal) 

Contains pure functional ingredient Malus Domestica Fruit Extract Apple Phenon that helps with reducing body fat.

Lactulose powder, fructooligosaccharide, and Malus Domestica Fruit dietary fiber were added to help reduce body fat

Grapefruit honey black tea flavor.

Volume : 9g x 28 Sticks (1 month supply).


How to use   

Take one stick a day.   Mix 1 stick with 300ml ~500ml.



Check the ingredients list for potential allergens.

Once symptoms occur, suspend use and consult a medical professional

This product is made by concentrating raw malus domestic fruit extracts by 250 times, so those who have apple allergy or special physical constitution may have individual hypersensitivity reactions, so please check the raw materials before use and consume with caution.