20% OFF Premium TS Shampoo and Hair Treatment 200ml Promo Set

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20% OFF! Premium TS Shampoo 500g + Hair Treatment 200ml promo set!

Best selling hair loss shampoo in Korea!

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Premium TS Shampoo has been formulated with over 50 ingredients including biotin, niacinamide, zinc pyrithione and panthenol to help prevent hair loss and also keeps scalp clean and healthy for hair regrowth.

Benefits of Premium TS Shampoo

  • Contains ingredients such as biotin, niacinamide, zinc pyrithione and panthenol to help prevent hair loss
  • Silicon free
  • Containing protein components (Major components of hair)
  • Vegetable extract and natural oil
  • No stickiness but freshness and relief
  • Aroma of natural oils

Premium TS Treatment has been formulated with over 20 ingredients including caster oil, argan oil, shea butter, camellia oil which helps to nourish and revitalise dry, damaged hair, which creates shiny hair. Bring back the bling to your hair with Premium TS Treatment.

Benefits of TS Treatment

  • It's been designed for all hair types and easy to use on daily basis to increase in hair volume and thickness
  • Made of over 20 natural ingredients to protect your hair and prevent hair split
  • Only takes 1 minute daily to keep your hair shiny and healthy looking.